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Katie Green

Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern

How would you describe therapy with you?
Clients have appreciated Katie’s warm, curious, non-judgmental demeanor and her ability to connect through humor. She frequently draws attention to what is happening in the moment between herself and the client. She integrates Gestalt Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and mindfulness techniques into her therapy sessions.

Tell us about your approach and your background?
Katie is a Licensed Professional Counseling Intern who specializes in LGBTQ+ issues. She has enjoyed working with many transgender men on exploring and constructing their own masculine identity in particular.
Katie believes that bodies are never broken or wrong, and that clients are negatively impacted by unreasonable societal messages about how bodies should look and work. Disability and sexuality is of particular interest to her, as are folks who practice alternative sexuality (i.e. kink). Katie is also passionate about helping partners achieve greater emotional and sexual intimacy by increasing communication and conflict resolution skills.

In addition to sex therapy, Katie is also very interested in grief and end of life issues. She is a certified end of life doula, and would be honored to help clients navigate reclaiming their sexuality and vitality during or after a significant loss. She greatly enjoys helping clients create rituals to integrate a significant life event.

Katie conceptualizes people as being made up of many different parts that share common goals, but often have conflicting ideas of how to achieve those goals. Together we can identify these individual parts, approach them from a place of curiosity, and negotiate new roles or tasks with them. By increasing awareness of self parts, clients can experience deeper, richer relationships with themselves and others, as well as greater agency in their lives.

Individual Therapy Session (50 minutes): $125
Couples/Family/Group Therapy Session (50 minutes): $145

Workshops and Trainings
Sex Therapy Certification (active) through the Sexual Health Alliance

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