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respark associate jessica
Jessica Congdon
Jessica is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern.
Her approach to psychotherapy is rooted in assisted self study to unfold the unique ways you are attached and organized around your experience. She works with women and men who struggle from feelings of "out of control" sexual behaviors to desire issues. She has experience working with adults who have a history of childhood abuse/neglect and helps them understand how this impacts their ability to have meaningful and nourishing sexual experiences. Jessica has been formally trained and mentored in trauma informed therapies, helping clients to overcome their somatic symptoms and mental distress caused from negative childhood experiences.
She welcomes all gender and sexual diversities.
She sees clients out of the Respark offices in San Marcos/Wimberly and Austin. 512.256.6485

respark associate emily
Emily Forsythe
Emily is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).
You've made it this far: you've decided to work on having the kind of life and relationships you always thought you would. Clients who've collaborated with me have built more self-confidence, developed tools to deal with complicated histories, established boundaries within toxic relationships and grown happy with being themselves. Within months, folks finally invest in who they are, and the results can change lives.
In 8-16 weeks, that person in your mirror could be closer to the best version of you.

Connection and intimacy is easy to shove to the side when life is busy, and sometimes, picking that part of your relationship back up can be tricky, especially f you feel like your 'normal' doesn't look like most people's. Clients who participate in non-mainstream lifestyle dynamics, who identify as LGB or trans; clients who have struggled with issues of 'fitting in', gamers, and folks who identify as black sheep often find I'm a good fit.
She practices at the Respark offices in Austin and Lakeway. 512.298.7360
$100 individual rate, $140 for couples
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Sliding scale available on a limited basis.

respark associate melanie
Melanie Rabalais
Melanie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern as well as a 2010 graduate of Texas State University with an MA in Professional Counseling.
She specializes in working with individuals, couples, preteens and adolescents. Melanie counsels clients with relationship issues and mood issues. She focuses on the idea that laughter can be a strong ally for healing. Melanie is all inclusive and diverse in her skill set. She has volunteered with the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance for over 2 years and she works well with clients with depression, trauma, family crisis and LGBTQ clients. She also focuses on adolescent clients dealing with these issues.
She practices at the Respark Austin office. 512.937.2832
Rates from $80 to $100 per clinical hour.
Sliding scale to $60 available on a limited basis.

respark associate katie
Kathryn Barksdale
Kathryn is an Licensed Professional Counselor Intern.
She works with people whose past trauma affect their relationships and sex lives. Together, you and Kathryn can determine the best steps to take to achieve your goals. She has ten years experience working with survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence and sexual assault. She is warm, collaborative, and non-judgmental. She works with couples and individuals, welcomes same sex and poly people.
Katie has attended several of the AASECT CE trainings through the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance over the past 2 years and gained significant expert training in Sexual Health issues as a result. She is also currently being trained in EMDR.

Specialties/interests: survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault
She practices at the Respark Austin office. 512.704.3550
Rates from $85 to $125 per clinical hour.

respark associate charmecia
Charmecia Morris
Charmecia is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern.
In her therapeutic approach she values fostering connection, multiculturalism, mutual growth, and authenticity. She collaborates with her clients to find therapeutic methods that fit the client’s particular needs. She particularly draws from interpersonal, artistic, emotion-focused, humanistic and cognitive techniques. Together she and her clients work towards mutually determined goals including relational issues, mood concerns and behavioral conflicts. Charmecia is a sex positive therapist who welcomes all aspects of her client’s identities. Previously she has worked with children and adolescents in foster care, counseled university students, led mental health educational programs, and served both perpetrators and survivors of relational violence. Through all these experiences she continues to feel honored by sharing connection and the power of human resiliency.
She practices at the Respark Austin office. 512.766.1467
Rates from $85 per clinical hour.

Supervision & Consultation

Heather offers clinical supervision to post-graduates obtaining their hours toward full licensure. She is looking for those that are interested in learning more about sex-positive affirming therapy, couple’s therapy as well as non- traditional relationship structures. Supervisees will meet weekly with Heather for individual or group supervision to consult on cases, learn applicable clinical skills and private practice development. Heather has a passion for helping entrepreneurs launch their business and this intention flows seamlessly into helping interns run the small business of being in private practice. Please email resumes and letter of interest to

Heather also offers clinical consultation to fully licensed professionals looking to grow their knowledge in general sexual health issues and alternative relationships and sexuality. This consultation group meets bi-weekly (Monday’s, 12:30pm- 2:10pm) to consult on cases, learn sex-positive therapy skills and private practice development.


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